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Tattoo Artist Shout Outs!

We all have that favorite artist or tattoo shop that is our go-to and the place we refer anyone that asks us about tattoos. Or maybe you have a select few that you frequent for different styles of work. Whatever the case we would love for you to give your favorite tattoo artist or shop a big SHOUT OUT so that we can add them to our list of recommended artists/shops.

Simply use the form below - one artist or one shop per form only, please! If you want to shout out a whole shop, please fill in just the shop name field. If you want to shout out a specific artist at a certain shop, then please fill in both the first name and last name fields for the artist as well as the shop name. Have an artist that you love that is independent or traveling? Just fill in their first and last name and skip the shop name field.

Please be sure to include a link to the shops' website or the artist's portfolio so we can link them up!

Our list will be sorted by state for the US and by country for the rest of the world so please fill in the applicable fields.

We're looking forward to seeing the list grow and checking out some amazing work!! We're hoping to compile the largest list of tattoo shops and independent tattoo artists WORLDWIDE! So your help is greatly appreciated - plus, who doesn't love a big shout out and show of love?! Your artist will appreciate it!