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Our Approach

Our Manifesto

WE LOVE tattoos, our kids, our families, and life. Not necessarily in that order.

WE BELIEVE that tattooed moms are no better or worse than non-tattooed moms. We are just more colorful and maybe a little bit cooler. We also have a lot more to talk about than just our kids and our tattoos!

WE ARE COMMITTED to hearing everyone's voice and opening discussions on all topics. Having differing opinions doesn't mean we have to be enemies. We can all learn something from one another and we can all agree to disagree if necessary. Constructive communication and discussion, with a little bit of snarky humor mixed in, is what we are committed to promoting. Bullying, bashing, and outright rudeness will not be tolerated. Everyone needs to vent at some point but, let's keep it classy.

Our Story

Meet the Founder

Tattoos are a huge part of my life since I am married to a tattoo artist and being a (heavily) tattooed mom can certainly be interesting at times. We (tattooed moms) don't think we're any different than other moms but, sometimes we're treated that way. I wanted to create an online place where we can all gather together to share stories, make friends, and start great conversations. ♥


Terry A. Cutlip

Tattooed Moms Club Founder

Just a tattooed mom that happens to be a serial entrepreneur and graphic designer. Also a font hoarder, tea drinker, list maker, and animal no particular order.

My personal portfolio:

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This Could Be You!

We'll be adding to our team in the future - keep an eye out for your chance to join us!


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