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Puff, Puff, Sip.

This viewpoint editorial was written by Casey G. exclusively for Tattooed Moms Club. She was the very first Featured Tattooed Mom. She’s also a writer/blogger and just started her own blog over at One Hi(gh) Mom. Hoping she can assist in the revolution of “mama needs a joint” being just as accepted as “mama needs a glass of wine”…read more of her writing over at her blog One Hi(gh) Mom.

Every person has gotten grief for one or more of the decisions they make in their life. I get chastised more often than not. Especially by my pops.

One of the many controversies that I pummel throughout the day is the common misconception that mothers can not also be functioning stoners.

That could not be farther from the truth.

My mother once told me that she knew corporate executives that kept freezers full of top quality buds and had you not known them on that personal level, you’d never have guessed they were closet stoners.

Marijuana Mama

So why is it ok for mama to have a glass of wine at the end of the day, (or middle, you do you girl!) but, unacceptable that I choose marijuana as my vice?

Women have asked me many times, “why not a glass of wine, or two?” Why not relieve your stress the way normal women do?

Who is anyone to say what is normal?

When I smoke marijuana it calms my frustrations. It gives me a moment to myself to clear my head and remember that it’s all going to be ok.

It makes me feel better.

Here’s the misconception, I’m not lazy.

I walk my kids to and from school. Make sure homework is done, rooms are cleaned, meals are cooked and smiles are on. We are still productive while I am stoned. And I’m always stoned. I have been for the last 15 years.

Food tastes better and mommy doesn’t yell.

For me, wine is not the answer. Sure it’ll possibly put me in a better mood. It might calm my nerves. There’s the expectation to wait until kids are in bed, because WHAT IF, I drink too much and create behavior my kids shouldn’t be exposed to. There’s also the possibility I’ll have a horrible hangover. Or throw up, ugh. Even a mild headache is an inconvenience I don’t want to deal with at 8am trying to get three kids out the door.

My mother was a wine drinker. That fancy box wine with the spout sat in our fridge. I don’t ever remember thinking anything about it other than it was nasty.

Parenthood doesn’t mean we lose ourselves as individuals.

Having children didn’t make every woman decide that wine was no longer appropriate. They decided mama needed a glass of wine to take the edge off the day. Expecting a parent, or any human, not to want to take the edge off the day is hypocritical. Because we all deserve that self care.

I hope someone can read this and change their perspective on the medicated mama. My kids and I are happy and healthy. And the joint I’m smoking is why the dinners I create taste so bomb.

Smile at a stoner. Were probably already smiling.


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