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Catching Up With Casey

Since I’m trying to breathe new life into this website in 2024 I thought it would be fun to catch up with Casey, our inaugural Featured Tattooed Mom and very first member of the Tattooed Moms Club, and see what she’s been up to since she was first interviewed back in 2018.

Of course, we need to know, have you gotten any new tattoos?!

Yes! I have a few new ones that I absolutely needed! I’ve been working on trying to sleeve my legs out with my favorite movie characters. So far, I’ve got Rik Mayall as Drop Dead Fred, John Candy as Barf from Spaceballs, and Johnny Depps version of Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow. I have a few smaller ones throughout I’ve added, such as the moon from Voyage Dans La Lune, the first french film painted in color, and a seashell on my face. Most of them are cinema based. I’m huge into movies.

Have you gotten any tattoos covered up? If so, why?

I actually have! I made the mistake of getting a name tattooed when I was 18 and i covered it with a beautiful mandala!

If my math is correct, you have at least one teenager now. Have they expressed interest in getting tattoos? What about the younger ones?

My daughter is 15! My boys are close too, they’re 12 and 10! Too close for comfort lol. My daughter does want tattoos. She’s pretty similar to me in her tastes. She wants movie inspired pieces and drawings shes done herself. The boys haven’t said anything about tattoos, but my youngest is constantly drawing all over himself.

You previously mentioned you had faced some discrimination because of your tattoos – turned away from jobs and of course the “looks” at school functions. Have you noticed, in the last few years, that this seems to happen any less? Or even more?

Since we last spoke, I pulled my kids out of school. They’ve been home-schooled the last 4 years now. I just kind of opened my eyes to what was really going on in the world and decided if anyone’s going to indoctrinate my kids, its gonna be me. So school wise it hasn’t been an issue. With careers the tone has definitely changed as well. It’s not even a question from interviewers anymore. I don’t think I had the seashell tattoo on my face when we did this last, but it hasn’t hindered me at all with finding good jobs in my line of work. I think the workforce finally got to a point where they just want good workers. As long were clean, we smell good, and we do our job right its enough lol.

What’s one big change, positive or negative, you’ve experienced in your life since we last heard from you?

I bought a house! It’s been a whirlwind of good and bad. Pipes bursting and so much renovation needed, but I’m actually in the process of selling it now so I can buy a few acres in Oklahoma and start a homestead. We’re learning how be self-sufficient and hopefully leave the traditional style of work altogether. The goal is to grow our own food, and raise our own animals for meat.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as a mom?

Figuring out how to do this alone. The constant struggle of having to be the good guy and the bad guy is so taxing. My kids father isn’t in their lives very often, and it’s definitely for the better, however doing it all alone is very hard. Hopefully when we get this acreage and start working with animals, and just moving slower, it’ll make things seem less heavy. I’m very hopeful for what the future holds for us!

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to new moms?

Live in this moment right now. Don’t think about the past, they’re just fading memories. And the future doesn’t exist. Its all just a bunch of what ifs. You’re doing amazing, just focus on right now. This moment is the only one that matters.

Tell us your top three goals for 2024.

I will grow my business so I can quit working for anyone else other than myself. I will teach my children how to raise chickens and goats and become more self-sufficient.  And I will move with love everyday. Approaching all situations from a place of love is the main goal.

What would you like people to remember you for?

For always being myself. No matter how weird or off the wall that might be. I always want to be known as the most genuine person that always moved with pure intentions.


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