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Featured Tattooed Mom: Gylisa Jayne

Some of you may already know (of) our next Featured Tattooed Mom. Her name is Gylisa Jayne and she’s from Cornwall, England and has one sweet daughter named Lily. She’s gone viral online and been on various blog sites for standing up when a “friend” commented and told her “she didn’t look like the mom type”. I recently quoted her in a blog post here and shared my opinions on people judging ANY mom!

I’m so glad to have Gylisa as an official member of this Tattooed Moms Club! I love her musings and follow her on Instagram. She also has a blog that can be found here:

Read below to learn a little bit more about this lovely lady!

Featured Tattooed Mom: Gylisa Jayne

Tell us about your kids?

I have a daughter, Lily and she’s 3 !

How do your kids feel about your tattoos?

Lily loves tattoos, she draws on herself ALOT and loves coming with us when we get tattooed!

What about your kids’ friends?

Most parents we know have tattoos now. I think it’s becoming more common – so I think the kids just assume tattoos appear when you get older! (I love that perspective on kids’ thinking!!)

What is your parenting style?

Do whatever feels right. It felt right to breastfeed, co-sleep and cuddle her all the time so I did. Also, we see Lily as a member of our tribe, whereas some parents seem to have kids just to tick the box and then struggle with the demands of parenthood. Have kids cuz you wanna expand the tribe …!

What is the biggest lesson parenting has taught you?

I was already pretty open minded, but parenthood has smashed any preconceived idea I had on anything I hadn’t yet experienced. I realized very quickly that one day you will want the same open mindedness that you might deny someone else. Plus, the only perfect parents are the ones who haven’t had kids yet. So fuck what they think.

Have you ever faced any discrimination due to being a tattooed mom? What happened?

Yeah pretty often, more so when I had pink hair though! People wrongly assume tattooed folk must have loose morals and/or are bad people. Strange really, because I’ve met plenty of church goers that fit into the latter category! An old ‘friend’ told me I hadn’t seemed the ‘type’ to be a good mother. She meant it as a compliment (?!) I prefer to quietly silence my critics by just ‘being’. I know how loved my kid is, and I know I’m exactly who she needs me to be. That’s all I care about!

Tell us about your tattoos. Who did them and do you have a favorite one?

I have got various artists work on me, including my own! (🙈) But, all my favourite pieces are done by the one and only Cat Allen, who owns The Vault, with her wife Mel in Looe, Cornwall. They are great friends of ours, they are awesome!
My favourite tattoo is on my calf, and it’s a teapot that says ‘give me tea, or give me death’ 💀!

How old were you when you got your first tattoo and what was it?

I had just turned 18 when I got my first tattoo, and it’s the only one that holds any significant meaning. It’s script writing on my wrist that says ‘There is always Hope’. I believed it then, and I believe it now.

What is your favorite hobby?

If I’m not drinking tea, writing dumb shit on the internet or in my garden. (I’m an OAP (old ass person!!!) in a young tattooed body…) Then I’m probably sleeping!

You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what would the name of your colour be and how would you describe it?

My crayon name would be Rock n Roll 🤟🏼 and it would be hot pink !


Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your story with us, Gylisa!! We’re happy to have you as part of the Moms Club!! All featured moms are part of the “Moms Club” and you can find all of their posts in the Moms Club category. Get to know the moms in the club – they’re all amazing!

Follow Gylisa on social media, you won’t regret it!! Instagram: @rocknrollmother_  Facebook: /rockandrollmother and she blogs:

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