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Easy like Sunday morning…

Sundays are the best days. Sometimes I have to work on Sunday but, even then it’s still the best day. Sundays are laid back. Sundays are for family gatherings, sports games, cookouts filled with friends, and other leisurely activities. Even when I have to work on a Sunday – it’s still laid back. The phones barely ring. It’s quiet, relaxed – I can concentrate and complete projects that are too involved to get done when the phone is ringing off the hook or I have a bunch of other interruptions.Easy like Sunday morning

Sunday wasn’t always the best day…

When I was in my twenties – my favorite days were Fridays and Saturdays. I was a party girl and I looked forward to kicking back with my friends on Friday; especially after a long week of work and relaxing with some cold drinks. Saturdays were for going out to the club with all of my girlfriends and dancing the night away into the wee hours of the morning. Sundays were typically spent hung over. Looking back now that was just a totally wasted day!

Now that I’m in my forties (*gasp*) my favorite day of the week is the one that is typically reserved for family gatherings, celebrations, and has no real schedule. Sundays are great for cooking big meals – and sometimes my husband and I will spend the whole day cooking together! If we don’t have anything planned and I don’t have to work I will usually spend some of my time working on my various side projects. Even if the very next day is Monday, which nobody really likes, Sundays are still the best days – for me anyway!

What is YOUR favorite day of the week and why? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments!!

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